Patient Experience Participants (PEP)

Patient Experience Participants (PEP)

Patient Experience Participants

At our Markham and Uxbridge sites, improving the experiences of our patients is an ongoing process. The best way to learn how we can improve is by working with our patients and families directly. Our Patient Experience Participants (PEPs) share their perspectives and opinions with us. They provide input on decisions that will impact the experiences of our patients and their families.

About PEPs

PEPs are patients of the Markham or Uxbridge site, or their family member(s), who volunteer to work with our hospital staff and physicians, sharing their ideas and experiences to help improve the overall experience for all our patients. Their opinions and recommendations can help shape hospital education and care processes, and improve our programs and services.

PEPs contribute in ways that best match their interests, experience and availability. Examples might include:

  • Participating in focus groups, working groups and/or project teams
  • Being members of hospital councils and/or committees
  • Developing patient and family educational material

To learn more, please review our PEP Position Guide (see below), read our FAQs and download the PEP brochure.

Applying to be a PEP volunteer

Before applying to become a PEP volunteer, please review the PEP Position Guide. To apply, download and complete the application form and return it to

Please send any questions to or call 905-472-7373 ext. 6916.

PEP Position Guide

PEPs at our Markham and Uxbridge sites share their ideas, perspectives and experiences to help hospital staff and physicians make decisions that will affect the patient experience. If you are interested, this is a great way for you to help the hospital deliver high-quality and safe care to all our patients. In turn, PEPs gain new insights into how our hospital operates. Check out our PEP brochure.

The hours of service will depend on your interest and the type of activity you do.

PEP volunteers must be:

  • 18 years or older
  • A former Markham or Uxbridge site patient or patient caregiver who has received care in the last three years

If you become a PEP volunteer, we ask that you bring a positive attitude, good listening and communication skills, a respectful attitude and the ability to share your thoughts and experiences.

Application process

  1. Application form – online. Download and complete the form, and return it to
  2. In-person interview
  3. Reference check (including police check)
  4. Confirmation – letter or email from Markham Stouffville Hospital
  5. Orientation at the Markham site
  6. Assignment – participate in activities once called upon

For more information, check out our FAQs. If you still have questions, contact: or 905-427-7373 ext. 6916.