Honoured to Care Awards

Honoured to Care Awards


The Honoured to Care awards recognize our staff, professional staff and volunteers for the work they do at MSH every day. The award has five categories, each based on one of our core values (respect, trust, compassion, commitment and courage) from our Code of Behaviour.

Announcing the 2019/2020 Honoured to Care Award winners!

RESPECT – Silva Nercessian, Manager, Emergency Department

What her nominator had to say: 
“Silva demonstrates an incredible amount of respect for her peers and other stakeholders within the organization. I have observed her consistently navigate complex discussions with grace, commitment and respect for all perspectives. Where others demonstrate clear frustrations and emotions, Silva consistently remains respectful of all viewpoints and responds in an incredibly productive and collaborative manner. Leaders like Silva, who are able to consistently treat all with mutual respect and understanding in high-pressure situations, are an asset to our organization.”


TRUST – Lizette Almodal, Patient Registration Clerk

What her nominator had to say: 
“When admitting patients during the night shift, Lizette always accommodates for pre-registration so we can access files and medications quickly. When patients arrive who are in need of critical care, smooth registration is essential. Lizette tirelessly shows excellence in her care by maintaining these quick interventions, which I rely on as a charge nurse in the ICU. I know when Lizette is registering our patients it is done accurately, quickly and she also is quite pleasant on the phone! She may not realize it, but she is regarded as an important part of our ICU team!”


COMMITMENT – Suzanne Vanderlip, Professional Practice Leader

What her nominator had to say:

“You will find Suzanne supporting her staff in challenging clinical patient care situations, as well as providing emotional support after upsetting or emotionally draining situations. Suzanne truly cares for this organization and everyone in it and is most committed and inspiring person that I know. She has been at MSH for over 25 years and has work on many different transformation projects, always striving to do the best work possible to ensure excellent patient care. Suzanne has played – and continues to play – an instrumental role in professional practice through her dedication, collaborative leadership style and passion to improve the quality and best practices at MSH.”


COMPASSION – Jennifer Muir, Social Worker, Outpatient Mental Health

What her nominator had to say:
“While working with many diverse populations, Jennifer maintains such composure, elegance and patient centred care. She has been integral to our Women's Wellness service, ensuring the women in our community have specialized resources available to them. Jennifer makes sure her patients receive compassionate care by advocating for them, allowing them to be empowered by involving them in their treatment plan, and being supportive to their families. Jennifer's innate compassion and kindness exudes when you meet her, and this is echoed by her patients and peers.”


COURAGE – Rosemarie Ramirez, Registered Nurse, Cardiology and Medicine


What her nominator had to say:
“Rosemarie's most notable quality is her courage and leadership skills. She helps in facilitating family centered care, and embraces challenges and change with innovative strategies. When one of my patients became critical, Rosemarie was able to delegate to each staff member what should be done in order to provide high quality and safe care for the patient in an efficient and timely manner. Rosemarie has taught me that speaking up is always right rather than being compliant in silence. She exemplifies the ability to endure distress inherent in difficult situations. I admire Rosemarie's knowledge, compassion and courage to speak out for nursing and speak out for health of her patients.”


Read the stories of our inaugural 2018-2019 Honoured to Care Award winners!

  • Do you know someone at MSH who exemplifies one of the values listed above?
  • Is there a team or group who goes above and beyond the call of duty?

Take a few minutes to nominate them for an Honoured to Care Award!

Nominations close: November 30, 2020

Frequently asked questions about the Honoured to Care Awards

Who is eligible? 

MSH staff, physicians and volunteers are all eligible for any of the award categories, provided they exemplify that core value.

Who can nominate?

Anyone – including patients, families and community members – can nominate a staff member, professional staff member (physician, dentist or midwife) or volunteer. Nominations can be made for individuals or teams. There is no limit to the number of nominations that can be made during any nomination period. Nominators cannot nominate themselves. Nominations must be submitted via the nomination form before November 30, 2020.

What are the criteria for nominating someone?

Nominations must be for accomplishments that exemplify MSH’s core values as described in our Code of Behaviour and the following award criteria:

Respect The recipient(s) of this award promote the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that recognize mutual respect in their actions and words, and advocate for inclusiveness among all at MSH.
Trust The recipient(s) of this award exemplify high credibility and competence in their work, set a standard of high performance, and consistently achieve reliable results.
Commitment The recipient(s) of this award demonstrate a tireless dedication to their work, strive for excellence, and maintain perseverance in the face of adversity.
Compassion The recipient(s) of this award embody our purpose at MSH by showing care and compassion to those around them, devoting time and energy to ensure their colleagues, patients and patients’ family members have an exceptional experience.
Courage The recipient(s) of this award take initiative and contribute their talent. They are not afraid to take on challenges, and they are always willing to learn from their mistakes.
What will award recipients receive?
  •  A commemorative plaque at the awards ceremony.
  • A commemorative certificate of accomplishment signed by the CEO, Chief of Staff, and Chair of the Board of Directors.
  • A swag bag of gifts with a letter of commendation.
  • Recognition as a MSH Hero and acknowledgment in the MSH Foundation’s Healthy Together Markham Stouffville bi-annual magazine.
  • Recognition across all MSH social medial platforms, and in the hospital’s internal communications.
  • Recognition at the departmental level.
Who selects the winners and how are they chosen?

Nominations submitted by the deadline of November 30, 2020 are considered for review by a nomination selection committee made up of a cross-section of peers. Nominations are kept confidential and the selection committee may conduct informal interviews with the nominator and nominee’s supervisor to validate their nomination.

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