Honoured to Care Awards

Honoured to Care Awards


We need your help! MSH has launched the Honoured to Care awards to recognize our staff, physicians and volunteers for the work they do at MSH every day. The award has five categories, each based on one of our core values (respect, trust, compassion, commitment and courage) from our Code of Behaviour.  

  • Do you know someone at MSH who exemplifies one of the values listed above?

  • Is there a team/group who goes above and beyond the call of duty? 

Take a few minutes to nominate someone or a group of people who you know demonstrates the MSH honoured to care culture.

Nominations close: January 31, 2019

Questions about the awards

Who is eligible? 

Our people (staff, physicians and volunteers) are all eligible for any of the award categories, provided they exemplify that core value.

Who can nominate?

Anyone (including patients and families and community members) can nominate our People either individually or as a team. There is no limit to the number of nominations that can be made during any nomination period. Nominators cannot nominate themselves. Nomination(s) must be submitted via the nomination form before January 31, 2019.

What are the criteria for nominating someone?

Nominations must be for accomplishments that occurred within one year prior to the deadline of the current nomination period (January 31, 2019) and in congruence with our core values as described in our Code of Behaviour and Award criteria:

Respect The recipient(s) of this award promotes the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that recognize mutual respect in their actions and words, and advocates for inclusiveness among all at MSH.
Trust The recipient(s) of this award exemplifies high credibility and competence in their work, sets a standard of high performance, and consistently achieves reliable results.
Commitment The recipient(s) of this award demonstrates a tireless dedication to their work, strives for excellence, and maintains perseverance in the face of adversity.
Compassion The recipient(s) of this award embodies our Purpose at MSH by showing care and compassion to those around, devoting time and energy to ensure their colleagues, patients and patient families have an exceptional experience.
Courage The recipient(s) of this award takes initiative and contributes their talent, they are not afraid to take on challenges, and they are always willing to learn from mistakes.

What will award recipients receive?

  • A commemorative plaque at the ceremony
  • A commemorative certificate of their accomplishment signed by the CEO, Chief Of Staff, and Board of Directors chair
  • A letter of commendation signed by the CEO
  • A $500 honorarium
  • A swag bag of gifts
  • Recognition as a MSH Hero 
  • Reserved space on digital donor wall
  • Acknowledgement in the next Healthy Together magazine
  • Recognition on MSH social medial platform & Connections
  • Recognition at departmental level.

More information

Nominations must be submitted by the deadline of January 31, 2019 to be considered for review by the nomination selection group made up of a cross-section of peers. Nominations are kept confidential and the selection group may conduct informal interviews with the nominator and nominee’s supervisor to validate their nomination. Successfully selected award recipients will be notified with an RSVP invite by February 15, 2019. The formal award presentations will be made on March 20, 2019 in the Rehearsal hall, Cornell Community Centre, starting at 3 p.m.