Medical administration


Medical administration’s purpose is to facilitate the relationships of the professional staff and trainees and work closely with the medical leaders, and hospital administrative leaders, to support processes such as recruitment, credentialing, career and leadership development planning, orientation, remuneration, and medical education within MSH for professional staff and trainees.


Medical administration will strive to be recognized as the premier department and a respected resource providing seamless, timely, and consistent service and to further promote collaboration with our partners in the hospital, and our educational partners. Medical administration strives to be a leader in professional staff/trainee processes within the province of Ontario.

Medical administration provides a number of services to support the relationship between MSH and the professional staff (physicians, dentists and midwives). The medical administration team works closely with the medical leaders, hospital administrative leaders and its educational partners to achieve its mandate.

Professional staff recruitment

We support the department chief with HR processes:

Professional staff human resource planning; professional staff position approval; and candidate specific approval

Credentialing and re-credentialing

We administer the credentialing and re-credentialing processes to facilitate the appointment and re-appointment of professional staff members for active, courtesy, consultant, community, and locum staff.

Discipline and complaint resolution

The chief of staff & medical administration should be advised of contentious issues regarding professional staff performance and related complaints.


We continue to develop processes, tools and resources to support the corporate orientation of residents, medical leaders, and professional staff.


We administer most department and professional staff funding on behalf of the hospitals as well as hospital on-call coverage (HOCC) funding.

Administrative coordination & support

Medical Administration coordinates and supports the work of the following medical committees:

  • Medical advisory committee (MAC)
  • Medical staff association (MSA)
Strategic influence

Medical administration stays up to date regarding hospital strategic initiatives that impact the practice of medicine and/or medical training within the hospitals and plays a facilitative role in ensuring that the impacts of change on the professional staff are understood and considered. Medical administration also ensures that medical leaders and physicians are represented in strategic initiatives and communicated with as appropriate.

 Medical education

Medical administration ensures corporate requirements of the Professional Association of Interns and Residents of Ontario (PAIRO) contract are met and works in partnership with the Department of Family & Community Medicine University of Toronto office to provide orientation to residents.

 Key contacts for medical administration

The medical administration program is responsible for supporting professional staff including physicians, dentists and midwives. The primary functions of the medical administration program are orientation, credentialing and privileging, contracts and compensation, and recruitment.

The MSH medical administration team:

Dr. Caroline Geenen, Chief of Staff


Lisa Harper, Director, Medical Administration


Jean Gainsbrook, Medical Administration Coordinator


Ruth Allen, Executive Assistant