Uninsured childbirth services

Uninsured childbirth services

Non-OHIP and out-of-country patient information

Thank you for choosing Markham Stouffville Hospital to deliver your baby. Costs vary depending on your resident status in Canada. At MSH, you can choose between having an obstetrician, midwife or family physician to deliver your baby. Contact the care provider of your choice to inquire about their fees. See below for contact information.

Hospital fees

The cost of hospital stay can only be guaranteed on the day of delivery, and can change without notice. MSH is not able to provide estimates for delivering physicians or midwives. Please see the table below to help determine your potential hospital costs.

For hospital deliveries, upfront payment for a one-day room charge for mom and baby is required. If you have planned a caesarean section (C-section) with your care provider, upfront payment for a two-day room fee is required. These fees are due at your preregistration visit. Other fees will apply if your stay is longer or if an emergency C-section is required.

Patient status in Canada at time of delivery Standard ward room: cost/day Semi-private room: cost/day Private room: cost/day Nursery for baby: cost/day
Visitor to Canada $2200.00 $2435.00 $2475.00 $600.00
Permanent resident (documentation required) $1100.00 $1335.00 $1375.00 OHIP-covered (if qualified)

All expectant mothers must preregister to ensure all of your information is correct and up-to-date for when you come in to deliver. You will receive a package for preregistration from your care provider. Please fill out the forms and bring them with you to the registration desk in the main lobby of the hospital when you are between 20 – 26 weeks pregnant.

Obstetrician services

Obstetricians are physicians who specialize in providing complete pregnancy and birth care for low- or high-risk pregnancies. It is recommended that you find an obstetrician as soon as possible who has privileges at MSH; not all physicians accept non-insured patients.

Below is a list of physicians who have privileges at MSH. You can also look on our website to help you select a care provider.

Midwifery services

If you are a resident of Ontario and do not have OHIP, the cost of midwifery care is covered by the government. As long as you live in Ontario and plan to stay here for at least six months after the baby is born, you do not need to pay for midwifery care. Additional funding is available (but not guaranteed) for ultrasounds, lab work and hospital fees; however, the amount that is covered varies. Information will be available once you register as a midwifery client. If you deliver your baby in the hospital with a midwife room, fees and other billable fees may apply.

For non-residents of Ontario (e.g., you are here on a visitor or student visa and are planning to return to your home country during your pregnancy or shortly after your birth), there is a fee for midwifery services in addition to hospital and lab work fees. 

You can select a community midwife clinic from one of our three partners: Midwifery Services of Durham, Markham Stouffville Midwives or Uxbridge Community Midwives

Family physicians

If you would like to use a family physician for your delivery, use our website to search for a family physician who has training in obstetrics.

You may also contact the Health for All Family Health Team online or Markham Family Health Team  to find a care provider who delivers at MSH.