Markham Stouffville Hospital uses the H pass, which makes parking at the hospital easier for our patients and their families. Benefits of the H pass include:

  • Transferable between patients and caregivers
  • Equipped with in-and-out privileges throughout a 24-hour period
  • Good for one year from the date of purchase.

The parking rates are as follows:

H pass solution

Parking option Rate Discounted rate
Each 30 minutes (up to daily maximum) $4  
Daily maximum $17  
Day pass (24 hour in/out) $22  
5 day H pass $42.50 $8.50 / 24 hours
10 day H pass $85 $8.50 / 24 hours
30 day H pass $153 $5.10 / 24 hours

Patients and visitors will be able to purchase the H pass from the parking office or other designated office.

About parking

Hospitals are mandated to use parking fees as a revenue source to supplement Government funding. Parking revenues help us provide the community with programs and services it needs. In 2016 the government passed mandatory regulation to ensure hospital parking is more affordable for patients and visitors. MSH has implemented those policies.

Markham site parking locations

Visitor's parking lot 1 – main entrance / link lobby

Located on Church Street between Ninth Line and Bur Oak. This lot can be accessed by the entrance off of Butternut Lane. Suggested parking for clinic appointments, day registration and Medical Office Building (MOB) appointments.

Visitor's parking lot 3 – health services building
Located and accessed from the north side of Church Street between Ninth Line and Bur Oak. Suggested parking for HSB appointments.

Visitor's parking lot 6 – emergency – 24 hr access to MSH
Located East of Ninth line and North of Hwy # 7 accesses is from Ninth Line or Bur Oak. Suggested parking for patients or visitor to the Emergency Department, Maternity and all after-hours access to the building.

Medical office building
Pay and display parking is required in front of the Medical Office Building for all vehicles including those in accessible spots.  Alternatively you may park in visitor's parking lot 1.

Health services building
Pay and display parking is offered west of the health services building. All vehicles including those in accessible spots must display a valid paid timed ticket. Alternatively you may park in visitor parking lot # 3.

Parking for persons with disabilities
The hospital has numerous spots designated for accessibility parking located within close proximity to the hospital entrances. There are also ramps into all parking kiosks.

Locations and details for pay and display:

Medical Office Building (MOB) - $4/30 minutes Outside main entrance North of main entrance Between MOB and MSH (south of main entrance) Debit or credit car payment is accepted at the parking office during regular operating hours. Payment stations – pay and display Located in areas where pay and display is required Coins or credit cards are accepted Select and pay for the amount of time you want Take and display the printed ticket on the dash of your car. It must be visible with the date and time

  • At the link lobby main entrance
  • Outside in the visitor lot #1
    • West gate location
    • East gate location (beside the parking office)
  • Inside the Medical Office Building (2 floor west main entrance)
    • Inside the Health Service Building (1 floor north entrance to Church St.)
    Payment options

    Patients and visitors have options available when paying for parking. Pay stations accept credit cards and cash. Exit gates accept only credit cards. The parking office accepts debit or credit cards. Areas with pay and display offer payment by coins or credit card only.

     Option 1: Regular payment (paying at a pay station)
    1. Obtain a ticket upon entry and keep it with you during your visit
    2. Prior to returning to your vehicle, make your payment at one of our conveniently located payment stations. 
    • Insert your ticket.
    • Our machines accept bills, coins and credit cards.
    • Press the help button for any assistance required. Alternatively you can visit our parking office during operating hours for payment with debit or credit cards.
    • Obtain your activated paid exit ticket and receipt.
    • Insert your activated paid ticket into the gate machine when you leave to exit the lot. 
    Option 2: Regular Payment (credit card at the gate, no upgrade options)
    1. Obtain a ticket upon entry
    2. When exiting insert ticket into exit gate
    • Cost of parking will be displayed.
    • Use a credit card by inserting it into the same slot, or if you have a chip tap it on the credit card reader.
    • Obtain your credit card and receipt.
    Option 3: Express Payment (credit card only, no parking ticket)
    • Tap your chipped credit card at the point of entry, when accepted the gate will open
    • Upon exit use the same credit card (tap or insert) at the exit gate machine upon leaving. A receipt will be printed at this time and the gate will rise to allow you to exit.
    Payment stations – gated lots

    Cash or credit is accepted in the following locations:

    • Outside in the visitor lot #6 and staff lot #7 (east exit)
    • Inside the emergency entrance / exit
    • Inside the link lobby entrance / exit
    • Outside the visitor lot #1 (east and west gate locations)
    • Inside the medical office building (2nd floor west main entrance)
    • Inside the health services building (1st floor north entrance to Church Street)

    Debit or credit card payment is accepted at:

    • Parking office during operation hours
    Payment stations – pay and display

    Located in the area where pay and display is required medical office building (MOB)

    • Outside main entrance
    • North of main entrance
    • Between MOB and MSH (south of main entrance)
    • Health services building (HSB)
    • Outside the back door (East of Building)
    • Outside of the emergency entrance
    • Short term emergency patients parking

    Full support is available Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the parking office located in the visitors lot.

    Outside these hours, assistance is available to you by pressing the intercom button.

    Uxbridge site

    Parking rates

    Time allowance Rate
    Minimum interval (1 hour) $1.75
    Daily maximum (9 hours from time of entry) $5.25