Current needs

Current needs


The Uxbridge Cottage Hospital Foundation needs your help in reaching our fundraising goals this year for the Uxbridge site of Markham Stouffville Hospital. Your support is greatly appreciated. It will ensure that our staff is equipped to provide high quality care for our patients and their families.

2019/20 approved capital list


Program area Department Name of item 2019-20 cost
Ambulatory clinic Endoscopy Autoclavable lateral telescope $6,050
Ambulatory clinic Endoscopy Colonoscope $48,500
Ambulatory clinic Endoscopy Gastroscope $38,500
Corporate services Biomedical services Patient simulator $18,800
Corporate services Biomedical services Telemetry $100,000
Corporate services Biomedical services Electrical safety analyzer $5,500
Corporate services Facilities Registration area/X-ray door $60,000
Diagnostic imaging Mammography Imaging diagnostic workstation $44,000
Diagnostic imaging Radiologist office Diagnostic workstation monitor $25,750
Diagnostic imaging Ultrasound Transducers $31,500

NOTE: Designating funds to a particular area or piece of equipment limits the Foundation from using your gift for any other purpose. Giving an unspecified gift means that your contribution can be used where it is most needed. We thank you for your support in any amount.