Medical Education

Markham Stouffville Hospital is proud to be a community affiliate of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine.

Family Medicine Teaching Unit

In July 2010, Health For All Family Health Team became the site of the Markham Family Medicine Teaching Unit. The Family Medicine Teaching Unit (FMTU) is a partnership between Markham Stouffville Hospital, the University of Toronto Department of Family & Community Medicine, and the Health For All Family Health Team

Information about the Family Medicine Residency Program at University of Toronto.

For inquiries and information about Markham Stouffville Hospital’s Family Medicine Teaching Unit contact:

Beverley Nutt, Program Coordinator
905-472-2200 x227

Medical Students


All medical student elective applications must be processed and approved by the Electives Office, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto.  Information regarding elective procedures and the online application is available at AFMCPortal.  Click on "University of Toronto".

At the University of Toronto, the minimum period for an elective is 2 weeks and the maximum period for an elective is 4 weeks. There are no exceptions.

Fourth year University of Toronto students please apply online via ROUTE on MedSIS. UoT Elective information.

Transition To Residency (TTR)

Fourth year University of Toronto medical students will use the final 14 weeks of their MD training to bring together many of the concepts they have learned about functioning as doctors and put them into practice in real world settings through their choice of selectives.

Residents / Fellows

Residents and Fellows from other universities (non UoT) must apply for an elective at AFMCPortal and register your elective request with the Post-Graduate Medical Education Office

For Medical Education assistance and additional information please contact:

Joanna Barnes, Education Coordinator

Rotation Comments:

Markham Stouffville Hospital highly values the feedback we receive from our medical students helps us achieve our vision. Many students have expressed that we have excellent teachers and an ideal learning environment.

It’s a pleasure to share some of the comments we have received this past year from our elective medical students/residents:

“A fantastic supervisor ensuring I had daily support, even on days where he wasn’t in hospital or was post-call he would call or text me to ensure I had appropriate O.R. list & supervision for the following day”

“Encouraged learner to safely explore limits and to work independently”

“Great role model with excellent working relationships with all team members”

“Ensured that the department was meeting my learning objectives for the month”

“Thoroughly discusses and interrogates my thought process”

“The O.R. team is AMAZING, the nurses, surgeons and anesthetists were VERY welcoming and interested in both teaching me and learning from me as I come from a different institution. I would recommend this rotation to any resident”

“I had a lovely time during my two-week family medicine elective at Markham Stouffville hospital and hopefully I will be able to come back for residency”

“I am so grateful for everything I learned from her during this elective. Uxbridge hospital and health center had some of the nicest staff I have ever come across. From doctors to nurses everybody was very nice and helpful which made for an extremely pleasant environment”