After giving birth

After giving birth

after giving birth

Your postpartum experience

A few hours after you have delivered your baby at Markham Stouffville Hospital, you may both move over to the Postpartum Unit. Your assigned room (private, semi-private or standard room) will align with your preferred accommodation request, based on availability. Should you remain in your birthing room it will be considered a billable private room.

You and your family will lead in the care of your baby, with your nurse to educate and assist you as necessary. As long as your baby is stable, he/she will remain with you. If your baby needs to go for tests, you or your partner are encouraged to go also. Your nurse will work with you on your discharge plan to help you return home with your new baby as soon as possible.

Visiting hours at Markham Stouffville Hospital 

Find out about visiting hours by clicking this link: Childbirth and NICU visiting hours.

Going home after giving birth

In general, most women and their babies go home within 24 hours after birth. Your baby will be examined by a physician prior to leaving the hospital – within the first 24 hours after birth or sooner if required. Prior to discharge, your nurse will ensure your physical and emotional needs have been met and that you are ready for the changes you may experience in the first few weeks after the birth of your child.

Find out about follow-up care after childbirth.

After you are discharged from the hospital, you and your baby will be welcome to return to our postpartum clinic, outpatient clinics for baby care, breastfeeding assistance, and your baby’s hearing screening test.

Early Discharge Program

A collaboration between the midwives in the hospital’s Alongside Midwifery Unit and staff and physicians in the Childbirth and Children’s Services program, the early discharge program allows healthy moms and babies to be discharged within eight hours and receive follow-up care within 24 hours from a Registered Midwife. See our classes for more information.