Neonatal outpatient clinics

Neonatal outpatient clinics


We offer a number of clinics for newborn babies, including neonatal follow up, NICU follow-up and Synagis vaccination.

Neonatal Follow-up/Early Intervention Clinic 

This clinic provides families with developmental assessments for their baby who has been identified as being at risk for developmental delay. Most often, these babies were born prematurely or required extra attention at the time of birth. This clinic is run in partnership with Early Intervention Services and follows babies for their first 36 months of life.

In this clinic, a multidisciplinary team including a neonatologist, early intervention specialists and an occupational therapist will assess and treat your baby.

NICU Follow-up Clinic  

If your baby requires follow up by a neonatologist after birth, he or she will be referred to a NICU follow-up clinic.

Synagis Clinic

Your baby may meet the criteria for receiving ministry-approved administration of Synagis. This is a vaccination to protect against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which can be harmful to premature babies. We offer a Synagis vaccination clinic for babies and small children who require it.


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