Becoming a volunteer

Becoming a volunteer

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Markham Stouffville Hospital! To become a volunteer (adult or student) you need to:

You also need to submit a health screening form/proof of immunization (mandatory): this includes a two-step tuberculosis (TB) test where your doctor does a skin test on two different dates but involves a total of four visits:

  • Step 1: On the first date, you receive an implant (skin test) and you must return to your physician’s office 48 hours later for the reading.
  • Step 2: A week later, you visit your doctor again to repeat the Step 1 process.

The form should also indicate proof of immunity to measles, mumps and rubella; varicella (chicken pox); tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (Tdap) and hepatitis B (immunization status only). If you don’t have your yellow immunization record, your doctor can do a blood test to confirm you are immune.

In addition, applicants 18 years or older must submit a Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) – volunteers pay a discounted fee for this. We can provide you with a supporting letter to include with your PVSC application package. Contact the community resources department at 905-472-7015.

Complete application packages can be sent to: (only PDF files will be accepted), or by mail at the address below:

Markham Stouffville Hospital
381 Church Street
Markham, ON
L3P 7P3


We thank you for your interest.

Note: we receive applications in excess of the placements we have available and regrettably, we are not able to offer all candidates a placement.

Adult volunteer program

Applications are accepted throughout the year; however, recruitment of adult volunteers is reduced between April and August to allow student volunteers a placement in the hospital.

Adult volunteers are required to commit to a minimum of one shift per week (three to four hours) for a minimum of eight months service. Select individuals will receive an email or phone call to come for an interview. Applications will be kept for one year.

Reference: adult volunteers seeking a reference must have volunteered for a minimum of 75 hours before a reference will be issued. A minimum of two weeks’ notice is required.

Download the adult application form.

Reference form.

Immunization form.

Student volunteer program

The student volunteer program includes:

Summer program

  • Runs from May 1 to Labour Day.
  • Students must commit to two 3 to 4 hour shifts per week, on the same day and time each week, with a total of 60 hours (minimum) over the summer period.
  • Must be available for daytime positions: Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 4:00p.m. We have very limited evening and weekend opportunities.
  • If available, one placement will be clinical-related and the second placement will be non-clinical.
  • Vacation: no more than two weeks of vacation is preferred

School year program 

Not available for new applicants due to limited position availability.

Application process

Applications for both high school and postsecondary students will be accepted between December 1 and January 31, or a to maximum of 200 applications, whichever comes first. Applications received outside of this period will not be accepted.

The application package must include:

Next steps

Community resources will notify applicants who have been shortlisted for an interview by the end of May for postsecondary student applicants; and by end of June for high school student applicants.

If you have been shortlisted for an interview (postsecondary and high school), you can proceed to the following:

  • Submit your immunization record. Note: there is a fee associated with the two-step TB skin test. Unfortunately, the hospital is unable to offer you this service.
  • Apply for your Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC). There is a fee associated with the PVSC application. A supporting letter from the hospital will be emailed to all shortlisted candidates.
  • Attend a new volunteer orientation. The date and time will be provided to you.

Reference letter and community service hours

  • You must have volunteered a minimum of 75 hours to be eligible for a reference.
  • Your request for a reference letter must be for a specific purpose, i.e., job or volunteer application, etc. You must provide a contact name and address to whom the letter is to be addressed to.
  • A minimum of two weeks notice for a reference is required.
  • Reference letters will be issued in October or after, unless it is time sensitive.
  • If you require a reference for a scholarship or medical school application, you must have volunteered a minimum of 200 hours.
  • For OMSAS applications, a notice must be provided in late August or early September.
  • A certificate or community service form may be issued for students with less than 75 hours.
  • High school students requiring their community service form signed must make an appointment with the coordinator, community resources. No drop-ins please.
Coop education program

High school

The Community Based Cooperative Education Program is an experiential learning program in partnership between Markham Stouffville Hospital and the York Region District School Board (YRDSB). The application process is coordinated through YRDSB. Students interested in this program should consult with the guidance department at school.

Professional and allied health placements

Students or their placement coordinator should contact our Professional Practice Office at 905-472-7373, ext. 6696.

Medical office administration or clerical placements

Students in a medical office administration program are welcome to apply as a volunteer in the adult volunteer program. However, we are unable to sign an education agreement with the educational institution where the student is registered.

Spiritual and religious care program

Markham Stouffville Hospital has a vibrant spiritual and religious care program focused on the care of people’s spiritual health. Spiritual care volunteers provide companionship, compassionate presence and a connection with the community.

Individuals interested in volunteering will need to take the following steps:

  • Take a spiritual visitor course though the Central LHIN chaplaincy collaborative.
  • Complete a Spiritual and religious care volunteer application.
  • Submit a letter of affiliation or reference from a faith community.
  • Submit a record of immunization form and two-step tuberculosis skin test.

For further information or inquiries, contact our chaplain at 905-472-7106.