Volunteer faqs

How much of my time is expected from me?

We ask that you commit to one shift per week for a minimum of 3 to 4 hours. We recognize that you have other commitments and occasionally have to take time off. For absence notice, we require you to give at least two days’ notice, and for longer absences, we ask that you complete and submit to us your vacation notice.

A volunteer who has not logged any hours in the past three months and has not contacted us is considered resigned and their position is forfeited. We would also require you to return your hospital ID badge and your $20 deposit will be refunded to you.

What volunteer jobs do you have available and am I able to choose where I want to volunteer?

Our vacancy list changes on a daily basis. When we invite you in for an interview, we will discuss our current vacancies and will try to find a position that matches your interests, skill set and availability.

If you have a very specific interest, you should indicate this on your application. Please understand that we are not always able to fulfill your request for a placement.

What costs are involved in volunteering?

Once you have been offered a conditional acceptance, you are requested to provide us with a Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) that costs $30 (subject to change at the discretion of the local police services). We will issue a supporting letter to include with your PVSC application.

We also require you to leave a $20 deposit for your ID Badge. This deposit is returned to you when you resign from your position and upon surrendering your ID badge within three months of your resignation date.

Complimentary parking is available for our volunteers during their scheduled shifts.

I have received professional training (e.g., nurse, physician, physical therapy, counselor, etc.), am I able to practice that as a volunteer?
While we welcome volunteers with a background in healthcare, volunteer roles are specific and do not offer an opportunity for you to practice your professional skills. Your role will provide you with an opportunity to experience a Canadian healthcare environment but it will not provide you with an opportunity to practice or develop clinical or technical skills.
Can I ask for a placement where I can practice my English?

We require volunteers to spend a great deal of time speaking with patients and families. For safety reasons, volunteers must be able to understand and speak English with a high level of competency. If you are just learning to speak English, we suggest that you take English as a Second Language (ESL) classes before applying for a volunteer position. You will be required to demonstrate your understanding at the interview. Competency in additional languages is considered an asset.

May I apply for paid employment?

Anyone can apply for paid employment by visiting the careers section on our website. Volunteers are considered external applicants and must follow the online application process as directed on the hospital website.