Newborn outpatient clinics

Neonatal neurodevelopmental clinic

This is a neonatal follow up clinic for infants in York Region who require developmental follow up.  This is attended by the multidisciplinary team including a neonatologist, early intervention specialists and an occupational therapist. Infants are screened and connected with services as required in the first three years.

Neonatal follow-up

This is a neonatal follow up clinic for all infants who require an examination by a neonatologist following birth.


This is a vaccination clinic for infants and small children who meet the criteria for the ministry approved administration of synagis, a vaccination to prevent RSV infection in at risk paediatric patients.

Circumcision clinic

Circumcision should ideally be performed within 4 to 14 days after birth to minimize bleeding and complications. However, the procedure may be performed as early as 24 hours after birth and before the infant is one month old. 

To schedule a circumcision call 905-472-7534. See our brochure for more details about circumcision and the procedure.

Circumcision procedures are not covered under OHIP. The cost of the circumcision procedure is $425.

Download the circumcision clinic information brochure