Classes & support


We offer classes, videos and consultations for mothers and families for pregnancy and after birth care.

Our childbirth navigator will help ensure your experience at MSH is seamless from when you first contact us until six weeks after delivery. She will help connect you to a healthcare provider of your choice and assist you with accessing programs and services. Email or call 416-671-4131.

Planning for your pregnancy and beyond

Our childbirth navigator will facilitate discussions regarding preconception, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum planning. Topics include nutrition, exercise, choosing a care provider, complimentary therapies, variations in labour and birth, making a birth plan, life with a new baby and much more. Midwives and physicians will be available to answer questions as well.

Location: Alongside Midwifery Unit (AMU), building B, level 4, meeting room
Dates: First Saturday of each month

Time: 1-3 p.m.


Childbirth services orientation session

Our childbirth navigator will review important information about what you need to know before you arrive at the hospital to deliver you baby. Topics include: room accommodations, visiting hours, parking, infection control, what to bring to the hospital, physician call schedule, the triage process, expectations during labour, delivery and postpartum, the process for booked inductions and C-sections, newborn registration, out-patient clinics, newborn follow-up and York Region public health resources.

This is not a pre-natal class.

This is a mandatory session, please sign up when you pre-register at 20 weeks gestation, or call 905-472-7020 to book your date and time, as the sessions fill up quickly. Each session is two hours.

 Growing pains - preparing for the physical challenges of pregnancy and labour

Women will learn about postural changes during pregnancy, how to relieve hip,back and pelvic discomfort, how to prepare for labour and about postpartum healing

Offered in partnership with Markham Pelvic Health and lead by Melissa Wong, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Location: MSH Alongside Midwifery Unit (AMU), building B, level 4
Dates: first Wednesday of each month
Time: 7:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Birth doula program 

Doulas support women before and after birth, and throughout labour. They help with relaxation, positioning, enhancing the partner’s role and increasing satisfaction with the birth experience and increasing rates of breastfeeding.

We have partnered with the Birth Doula Program to offer doula services to our patients. Under this program, expectant mothers can request a doula to be present during their labour and delivery. Doulas are a non-medical support service and work with the health care team, including doctors, nurses and midwives, to ensure the most satisfying birth experience for the mother and her partner.

Please note that doula services are not covered by provincial health insurance in Ontario. Families have the choice to either have the support of an Apprentice Doula ($300 + HST) or an Experienced Doula ($1050 + HST). 

Find a doula and register for the program 

Birth options after caesarean section information session

If you have had a previous caesarean birth, this free class provides greater depth about the risks and benefits of both a trial of labour after a caesarean (TOLAC) and repeat caesarean birth. This will help support you and your partner in making an informed birth decision. These classes are held monthly in unit 4WF in room B4611 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. Please call 905-472-7351 to register.

Directions to room B4611: Take the elevator in Building B to the top floor. Turn right out of the elevator and walk into unit 4Wf and the teaching room is on the left, just inside the double doors.

Outpatient obstetrical (OB) clinic

The Outpatient Obstetrical Clinic offers early pregnancy assessment and postpartum support. Appointments are available by self-referral or booked through your healthcare provider. 

Located on level 4, Building B, unit 4WG, 905-472-7351
View our Outpatient Obstetrical Clinic brochure.

Early pregnancy assessment

This is a clinic to assess and support pregnant women less than 20 weeks gestation who are experiencing threatened or real pregnancy loss. This includes ectopic pregnancy, incomplete loss and early pregnancy assessment.

In the clinic, you may see a physician, nurse and social worker. As part of the team, the social worker can meet with you and your partner and assist in supporting your emotional recovery. The social worker can discuss psychosocial matters with you and link you to community resources. The social workers you may see in the clinic are:

  • Wajeda Shaikh, MSW, RSW
  • Joey Crump, MSW, RSW
Postpartum support

Postpartum appointments are available once you are discharged from the hospital after giving birth. Your nurse will schedule an appointment for you before you leave the hospital, usually within 24 hours after discharge. You may also call (905-472-7351) to book an appointment for any postpartum concerns.


  • Supportive counselling sessions such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, narrative therapy or solution-focused therapy
  • One-to-one follow up with a registered nurse, registered social worker or lactation consultant
  • Appointment types include face-to-face onsite visits, class/group sessions or online video appointments from the comfort of your own home 
  • On-call obstetrical physician 
  • Referral to the outpatient mental health clinic if needed
  • Referral to community resources 

Tips for recovery after childbirth

Here are a few tips and exercises to help you with your recovery after childbirth. 

Markham Pelvic Health offers pelvic floor physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, counselling and psychotherapy that can help with healing. Find out more: email or call (905) 604-4591.

    Breastfeeding classes (pre- and post-birth)

    ABC's of breastfeeding workshop: We encourage women who intend to breastfeed and their partners to attend a pre-birth breastfeeding class. In collaboration with Markham Prenatal, this class is led by an MSH lactation consultant and offers detailed information about breastfeeding. Women who take this class report improved success and less frustration when they begin breastfeeding. This is a free service and you can register by visiting Markham Prenatal

    Breastfeeding classes post-birth: This clinic supports women who are breastfeeding up to six weeks post delivery.  Breastfeeding classes post delivery are led by a lactation consultant and are by appointment which can be made prior to discharge or by calling in at any time post delivery.

    Markham Stouffville Hospital has a partnership with Public Health for the Healthy Babies, Healthy Children program and breastfeeding support. The public health nurse visits weekdays to connect new families to supportive community programs.

    These breastfeeding support sessions and post-partum appointments are held in the Obstetrical clinic located on the top floor of Building B in 4WG. 

    Contact: 905-472-7351

    Hours of operation: Sunday to Friday

     Women's wellness services

    MSH has launched new services to support women’s health by providing therapies to improve quality of life. Using different methods, the clinic aims to improve women’s sense of personal well-being, strengthen focus and mental flexibility, manage difficult emotions, promote self-awareness and distinguish healthy from unhealthy coping.

    These services are available to patients of MSH across all departments including childbirth, cancer care, surgical and mental health. Patients can register for sessions starting in January 2019 now: services and schedule.

    We are able to meet the needs of our growing community through these services thanks to the support from our generous donors and funds raised by the SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. Run for Women.

    Family support videos

    There are many things you need to know when you bring your newborn home. This series of eight videos will provide some important information about caring for you and your baby. Please connect with your care provider for more detailed information on any of these topics.