Choosing a care provider

Your family physician can help you select a healthcare provider who best meets your expectations regarding your pregnancy and birth journey.

You can also contact our Childbirth Navigator who can help you connect to a care provider of your choice, access to programs and services and ensure your experience is seamless from when you first contact us until six weeks after delivery.

You can reach the Childbirth Navigator through email or by phone 416-671-4131.

At MSH, you can be under the care of an obstetrician, midwife, or family physician. 

  • Obstetrician - a physician who specializes in providing complete pregnancy and birth care for low or high risk pregnancies.
  • Family Physicians - experienced in obstetrics and provide complete care throughout pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum stages.
  • Midwife - a registered health-care professional who provides full primary care for low risk pregnancies either in your home or at MSH.

See a list of our obstetricians, midwives and family physicians.

I would like to find an obstetrician or family physician

To select a physician, visit our health care provider page for more information and search 'Area of practice' for 'Obstetrician / Gynaecologist' or by name for family physicians who can deliver at MSH.

I would like to find a midwife

To select a midwife, contact a clinic below to inquire whether they have a midwife or team of midwives available for your due date.