Fracture Clinic

girl having cast put on

Fracture Clinic is an important role in the management and treatment of orthopedic issues such as broken bones, cast changes and removals and post-operative checks.  This clinic provides excellent patient care dedicated to various types of fractures.

The clinic is staffed with orthopedic surgeons, orthopedic technologists, nurses, physiotherapists, osteoporosis Canada nurse, x-ray technologists, secretarial and volunteers to make your visit as complete as possible. The orthopedic surgeons provide a variety of specialties such as ACL repair, fractured hips/knees, ankle and foot surgeries, spinal surgeries, upper extremity surgeries and lower extremity surgeries. 

Surgeons are scheduled for specific days of the week; therefore all follow-up appointments are booked on the day a patient’s surgeon is actually in the clinic. For consistency in care patients cannot select the day of the week they want to be seen.

Services include x-rays, casting, dressing and stitch removal post-operatively, splint application, walking boots, exercise instruction by the physiotherapists etc.

Referrals come from Emergency Department, post-operatively by orthopedic surgeons and community referrals. All community referrals are reviewed by the surgeon before the appointment can be scheduled. All patients must have a referral and an appointment to be seen in the fracture clinic. 

 How to book an appointment

Emergency Department referrals - an appointment will be scheduled prior to being discharged from the emergency department

Post-operative referrals – patients will receive an appointment after your surgery before going home by the nurse

Community referrals - once the referral has been reviewed by the surgeon you will receive a call from the fracture clinic secretary with your appointment information

The fracture clinic is a busy clinic with a high volume of calls. Patients may experience difficulties in reaching the secretary.  Your patience is appreciated.  The secretary will return any messages in a timely manner.

 Day of your appointment

What to bring:  OHIP card, any written information from your doctor or previous visit, x-rays/CT or MRI scans if they were done outside of the hospital, lab results, debit/credit card, nut free snack/lunch and translator if needed.

Register in the main lobby and you will be directed either to x-ray or to the fracture clinic depending on your appointment type.  Arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to register.

 What to expect on day of your appointment

Depending on the reason for your referral you may need an x-ray, a cast change or removal, consultation with the surgeon, orthopedic technologist on cast care, or assessment by the physiotherapists.

We endeavour to stay on time however, due to the very high volume of patients seen at this clinic and the complexity of each appointment please prepare for a four hour visit.  This will allow you to receive very comprehensive treatment.