Seniors’ Health Clinic

Seniors' clinic team

Clinic staff

The Seniors’ Health Clinic offers a comprehensive geriatric assessment. Our team will work together with you and your caregivers to optimize your health and quality of life. To learn more about our seniors’ clinic download our brochure.  

The clinic is staffed with a geriatric physician, nurse practitioners and occupational therapists to make your visit as complete as possible. 

The clinic offers a complete geriatric assessment for:

  • Memory impairment
  • Frequent falls
  • Multiple medications
  • Difficulty managing day-to-day living
  • Home safety concerns
  • Dementia management

Referrals come from your family physician, following a recent visit to the Emergency Department, after a recent hospitalization, or by the Geriatric Outreach Team who conduct home visits. All patients must have a referral and an appointment to be seen in the Seniors’ Health Clinic.

Our interprofessional team provides the support our elderly patients need.