Inpatient pharmacy

Women reviewing medication in the pharmacy

At MSH pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work together and with patients, physicians, nurses, and other health professionals to ensure that medication use is safe and effective.

We provide an integrated medication delivery system for all inpatient areas which is supported by an electronic medication administration record and barcode medication verification to ensure safe administration of medications by nursing staff. One of our department’s priorities is to ensure that our patients receive the “right drug” at the “right time” and the “right dose”- every time.

Here are just some of the ways our team is involved your care during your stay at MSH:

Medication reconciliation

Patient’s admitted to hospital will have a medication history completed by a health care professional, this will often be either a pharmacy technician or pharmacist. Having an accurate and up to date list of home medications reduces the risk of medication errors during a patient’s hospital stay. Remember to bring all your medications with you when you come into hospital.

Medication management

Pharmacists monitor, recommend or make changes to drug therapy throughout patients’ stay in hospital. If you have questions or concerns about any of your medications during your stay, ask to speak to a pharmacist. Click here to learn more about the role hospital pharmacists.

Antibiotic Stewardship (ASP) Team

Pharmacists are part of a team to assess patients receiving antibiotics in the hospital with the goal of preventing complications related to their use. Click here to learn more about the ASP team.


The pharmacy team provides ongoing education to patients, clinical staff and physicians in a variety of settings and formats. There are also many pharmacy students that complete rotations in the department as part of their post-secondary education training.

Medication safety

Medication safety is a high priority at MSH and the pharmacy team is committed to continuously working on improving processes to prevent harm from medication incidents. Patients also play a vital role. Click here to discover ways you can contribute to medication safety.

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