Blood Pressure Monitor

An ambulatory blood pressure monitor is a small unit with an attached blood pressure cuff that is worn on your arm for 24 hours. This unit checks your blood pressure approximately every half hour throughout the day. This test is ordered by a physician who is concerned about their patient’s blood pressure. A blood pressure monitor test will help the physician to make decisions on medications and other treatments. It may also be used to evaluate how well a medication is working to control blood pressure.

This test is not covered by OHIP and the fee is $80.00. This is paid by the patient upon registering at the hospital on the day of the appointment.

Please note: You cannot shower or bathe while the monitor is attached to you (normally a 24 hour period).

After your visit

You will need to return the monitor to the hospital as instructed by the cardiology technologist. The drop off location is just inside the Main Entrance of the hospital (entrance A), at the Information Desk. There is a labeled box there where you can leave the monitor if there is no volunteer at the desk at that time.  After you return the monitor, the cardiology technologist will download the information recorded and a report will be sent to your doctor.

View the blood pressure monitor brochure with more instructions about what to expect while wearing this monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my physician order this test?

Your physician wants to monitor your blood pressure during everyday activities.

Is the blood pressure monitor unit uncomfortable?

The blood pressure can get tight while it is inflating. This is normal. Please remain still as moving will cause the unit to inflate tighter. Otherwise we encourage you to carry on with your normal daily activities.

Can I still take my medications?

Yes, you may continue to take your medications as normal as instructed by your physician.

I don’t think the monitor is working correctly. What do I do?

Make sure the cuff is located about two inches above the elbow and is snug. Make sure the hose from the monitor to the cuff is not kinked. Keep still while the cuff is inflating.