Child and adolescent services

Mental Health Adolescent Team

The Child and Adolescent Outpatient Mental Health Program provides a number of services that include individual and group therapy for children/adolescents under the age of 19 with moderate to severe mental health concerns.

Our Child and Adolescent Mental Health team consists of psychiatrists, social workers and child and youth counsellors who are trained to support you and your family in recovery from mental illness.

Most patients referred to our services will be offered an initial assessment by one of our clinicians. If you have questions about our services and the availability of these services, please consult your family physician.

When your child/adolescent first arrives, she/he will meet with a social worker or a Child and Youth Counsellor for an initial assessment and recommendations for next steps as part of our intake process.

Next steps may include being referred to our psychiatrist for diagnosis, further assessment and treatment, or continuing with a social worker for further assessment and treatment.

There are a variety of groups offered throughout the year, depending on suitability and demand including the following programs:

ATLAS program

The ATLAS (Adolescent Treatment and Learning Alternative Service) Program is targeted towards teens, ages 12-18 years, who are struggling with depression and/or anxiety and are having significant difficulty attending or succeeding at school. The program combines a classroom experience and group therapy to help participants learn to better cope with their difficulties in order to prepare them for a return to school.

The ATLAS Program is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team which includes a teacher, child and youth counsellors, social workers, and a psychiatrist.

Mind and body adolescent depression group

The Mind & Body Adolescent Depression Group is a group for teens, ages 15-18, who suffer from Depression or Bipolar Disorder.  The group meets twice weekly for 12 weeks.  

A referral by a physician is required to access these services. Physicians can obtain a copy of the referral form here

Worry Busters anxiety program

Worry Busters sessions include up to eight children, ages 9-12, who struggle with anxiety.  The program runs for 13 weeks with a two-hour session each week. Children attend 10 sessions and parents attend 3 sessions.

The program’s core is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach, integrated with a variety of creative learning components and relaxation techniques.

The clinicians will screen each family to determine whether the program meets the needs of the child. Note that a commitment to full attendance of both child and parents is a mandatory requirement for acceptance.

A referral by a physician is required to access these services. Physicians can obtain a copy of the referral form here