Vision, mission and values

Vision, mission and values

Strat plan


Care beyond our walls: Connecting with our community

Our Vision speaks to our commitment to serve the community beyond the boundaries of our physical facilities. Of course, the Markham Stouffville Hospital sites have walls, but we say that our Vision is to deliver care beyond walls because we will proactively think, act, and innovate every day to provide our patients with care that is connected to the community in which they live.  

We will focus on strengthening our partnerships with community service organizations and primary care physicians, and integrating our care in the community to create a seamless and simple transition from hospital to home or to the appropriate destination for our patients. This will all be done with a strong emphasis on ensuring our services are inclusive, while also leveraging technology to break down access barriers.


Honoured to care

Our commitment to create an ‘honoured to care’ culture is an expression of our humble and compassionate attitude, and a recognition of the respect we have for the people who choose us for their care. Serving patients and their families is a privilege at Markham Stouffville Hospital and our people will work to demonstrate this every day in all they do.


Our Values represent the culture, norms, and attitudes that we want to see reflected throughout the hospital. Our goal is for each person who steps through the hospital doors (whether they are a patient, a staff member, physician, visitor or volunteer) to live and breathe these Values, through our everyday interactions and work. At Markham Stouffville Hospital, we will live these words through our actions.


We hold the individuality of others in high regard, embrace diversity and maintain the dignity of others, especially when no one is looking.


Unshakeable dependability, reliability, honesty and truthfulness.


To engage with devotion and resilience.



Empower others through explicit expressions of empathy, sensitivity and understanding.


Display commitment and lead others in overcoming obstacles and barriers, take unpopular stances when necessary and face unexpected hardships head on.