Strategic pillars

Strategic pillars

Strategic pillars

Delivering an extraordinary patient experience

Ensuring an extraordinary experience for our patients and families is at the heart of what we do at Markham Stouffville Hospital. We live our ‘honoured to care’ culture every day, and in everything we do, and it shows in the terrific patient experience we already deliver.  

For MSH, delivering an extraordinary patient experience means:

We will continue to improve on the safety and quality of care we provide our patients recognizing that this is an expectation of our patients and their families. We will improve the way patients move through our facilities, ensuring they can easily get to where they need to go.
We will build leading Childbirth and Children’s Services that ensures we provide state-of-the-art care for families, close to home. We will distinguish ourselves by navigating patients through the care experience within the hospital and into the community, creating an integrated care journey.
We will create an Ambulatory Centre of Excellence that provides exceptional clinical services to our outpatients. We will enhance the quality and efficiency of care delivered to our patients by proactively pursuing digital health strategies.
We will expand our orthopaedic services to ensure the community has the care required to remain active and enable quality of life. We will become a patient led organization, implement innovative models of care that reflect our patient population and improve the patient experience before, during, and after their care at MSH.
We will expand and enhance our Care Transitions Program ensuring that our complex patients receive care that is seamless and connected to the community. We will involve care partners (families, close friends and others) in our patients’ care and ensure they feel like true partners.


Embracing our community

No healthcare organization can be an island that offers every service on its own; modern healthcare is about collaboration, integration and communication to better serve patients. It is also about breaking down silos and working together to improve care.  Care beyond our walls invites the community in while also reaching out to it. 

For MSH, embracing our community means: 

We will enhance our engagement to better serve the needs of our community and ensure that we incorporate what we hear into our operations and service delivery. We will develop a brand strategy for Markham Stouffville Hospital that unifies our sites and reflects our excellence in clinical care.
We will improve relationships with our community providers in order to improve the system navigation process for our patients beyond the walls of our hospital. We will re-envision and rebuild the Uxbridge site as a showcase for innovative hospital services for rural Ontario communities.
We will focus on strengthening our relationship with community physicians, community organizations, suppliers and other providers.
We will build strategic relationships with the private sector to generate new revenue streams and ways of providing innovative care to our patients.


Empowering our people

At MSH, our people are our family, and we are committed to engaging, training and investing in them. Our people’s achievements are our achievements, and we are dedicated to empowering them so that they can provide the ‘honoured to care’ culture that is our Mission.  

For MSH, empowering our people means:

We will work with our staff, volunteers and physicians to create an ‘honoured to care’ culture that embeds the Mission in all we do and distinguishes us from all other hospitals. We will recognize and reward our staff for delivering exceptional care to our patients.
We will work towards establishing a workforce that reflects our community. We will focus on retaining and recruiting people who share our Values and move us towards achieving our Vision and Mission.
We will strengthen interprofessional collaborative practice, ensuring healthcare professionals work together to optimize the health and wellness of patients and their families.
We will invest in our staff, ensuring they have the training and development needed to succeed.
We will work with our academic partners to ensure we are providing a positive learning experience for health professionals.