Strategic Enablers


Across all of our strategic pillars, there are foundational enablers that will be critical to supporting the achievements of our Strategic Plan.  They are:

We must continue to make communication a priority and ensure our staff, volunteers and physicians have the information and tools to deliver exceptional care to our patients and their families.
Our emphasis on education ensures that we are a learning organization and providing training that prepares our future healthcare professionals. If we want to attract the best and brightest to deliver outstanding care to patients and retain them, we must commit to invest in our people.
The financial health of MSH is an important element of our business operations. It is essential that we have sustained and consistent funding that is aligned to our objectives and flexible enough for us to react to new conditions and challenges. We must also be proactively focused on our long-range investment strategy in order to ensure that we have the resources needed to achieve our Vision.
Our patients and families are fortunate to have incredible new facilities and state-of-the-art diagnostics at the Markham site. More work is required to improve the facilities for the Uxbridge community ensuring they have up-to-date services close to home. Ongoing infrastructure renewal will be needed to maintain both hospital sites and respond to significant population growth.
With the launch of our upgraded health information system, we are now at forefront of the implementation and use of an electronic medical record that will not only serve those at MSH, but our shared community of patients with two other partner hospitals. This, along with our focus on innovation, will ensure that MSH is leading the move toward a digital health revolution that is occurring in our health system.


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