Green Innovation Project

Reinvesting energy savings into patient care

Like most hospitals across the province, MSH is under constant pressure to become more efficient and reduce costs as patient volumes grow steadily.

The MSH Environment and Sustainability Committee prioritized the following opportunities to reduce energy consumption:
a)Reducing air exchanges in the Operating Rooms (ORs), 
b)Reducing kitchen exhaust and ventilation, 
c)Installing on-demand lighting across the hospital,
d)Converting to a closed loop water cooling system.

The first three opportunities will be procured through an innovation procurement process. The closed loop system will be procured through a traditional procurement process.

MSH is using an innovation procurement approach to identify a solution that can better meet user needs and ultimately lead to increased end-user satisfaction and quality service delivery. Rather than simply using traditional specifications and procuring solely based on price, MSH is looking to procure based on value.

The RFP for this project is now posted and available for submissions. Steps to access this posting are outline here. The deadline for submissions is August 30, 2018.

If you have questions please contact Andrew Schellenbach, Transformation Consultant, at