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SHINE (Shared Health Information Network Exchange) is a partnership between Markham Stouffville Hospital, Southlake Regional Health Centre and Stevenson Memorial Hospital that was developed to adopt a shared electronic medical record structure between the three hospitals. The first initiative of this partnership is the implementation of MEDITECH Expanse hospital information system (HIS). This will create seamless access to patient records for caregivers at all three hospitals. A shared system approach – As patients access services from all three organizations, clinicians will have seamless access to patient records within this integrated health information system.

What does this mean for you – the patient?

As part of the implementation of MEDITECH Expanse at all three sites, a patient portal will be launched which gives patients access to their records. This will help improve quality and patient safety, engage you in your care and improve coordination of your care.  Check back soon for more information about the patient portal. 

To learn more about the SHINE partnership read the press release.

Health Information Network Provider (HINP) Statement of Practices

MSH hosts the MEDITECH Expanse system for the SHINE partnership.  Under s.10(4) of the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and  ss.6(3) of Regulation 329/04 made under PHIPA, a person who provides services to two or more health information custodians to use electronic means to disclose personal health information to one another is a health information network provider (HINP). MSH understands the importance of ensuring the privacy and security of the personal health information it manages in SHINE and has developed a HINP privacy policy that describes the standards employed to protect the information it manages in its capacity as a HINP.

 MSH responsibilities include
  • Managing changes in roles and responsibilities as it pertains to PHIPA and establish appropriate agreements;
  • Assessing the privacy and security of the information system to help ensure that it protects personal health information;
  • Appointing one or more individuals who will be responsible for the privacy and security of the personal health information in SHINE;
  • Establish logging, auditing and monitoring policies and procedures including the communication of these controls to the participants;
  • Providing incident and breach management support to the participants by informing the parties in the event of a Privacy Breach or unauthorized access;
  • Making available plain-language safeguards to both the public and participating organization;
  • Completing a Privacy Impact Assessment ("PIA") and Threat/Risk Assessment ("TRA") 

For more information, Markham Stouffville Hospital’s information privacy practices, please contact the Office of Access and Privacy at 905-472-7373 ext. 6425 or by sending an email to