Breastfeeding clinic offers first-time mom reassurance and confidence

Empathetic, compassionate and caring.  That’s how first-time mom Kaitlin Jefferson describes the support she received when visiting Markham Stouffville Hospital’s (MSH) Breastfeeding Clinic. 

Kaitlin and her husband Greg welcomed their daughter Charlotte this past summer. After an “incredible experience” delivering in the Alongside Midwifery Unit at MSH’s Markham site, Kaitlin explained that “our sweet baby girl had to be re-admitted a week later for jaundice related to feeding and weight gain issues.”

Following her daughter’s stay in hospital, Kaitlin continued to struggle with breastfeeding Charlotte when she came home and decided to visit MSH’s drop in Breastfeeding Clinic. 

“At my first drop-in clinic session, I was scared, tired, overwhelmed and emotional,” said Kaitlin. 

“As soon as I entered the clinic, Lactation Consultant Joan Bordash immediately greeted me and I felt my anxiety and stress immediately melt away.

“She reassured me, built my confidence and told me I was doing a great job. I went from using a lactation aid and doing a two-hour stressful feed with my baby, to learning how to breastfeed in a week.”

In addition to Joan, Kaitlin is grateful for the support of RN Angie King, who “helped me right away with postpartum and healing questions.” As well, she recognizes the “amazing” care and support of Dr. Deepa Grewal and Dr. Navneet Sharma. 

“Dr. Grewal connected us with Dr. Sharma, who was able to help our baby properly breastfeed and gain weight after our stay at the hospital. This was such a relief and another huge step in the right direction.”

Kaitlin attended the drop-in Breastfeeding Clinic two to three times per week for several weeks and continues to have success in breastfeeding her daughter. 

“There are no words to describe the feeling of knowing your baby is healthy and that you can do this,” she said.

“We are so lucky to have such fantastic staff at MSH, as well as invaluable resources. I am forever grateful and cannot say enough positive things about our wonderful childbirth and postpartum experience at MSH.”