Rosanna Manabat

Rosanna Manabat

Rosanna Manabat

Unit Secretary, RCC

“I’ve enjoyed every department I’ve worked in. The people are what keep me coming back. I’ve been fortunate enough to get lots of support, professionally and emotionally, and made great friends.”

Rosanna Manabat has been with Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH) since 2009 where she started in the surgical department. Throughout her time at MSH, Rosanna has worked as a unit secretary in many departments.

Rosanna says she’s really thankful for the relationships she’s built here because they’ve helped her through some challenging times.

“Before my mother was diagnosed with dementia, I was able to talk with Katie Turkington and Dr. Naqvi about what was happening with her. They answered all my questions and guided me through that situation. After she was officially diagnosed, even though she wasn’t Dr. Naqvi’s patient, he still took the time to offer advice and help. I can’t explain the gratitude I feel for that. It’s just pure gratitude.”

When MSH opened the Reactivation Care Centre (RCC) in 2018, Rosanna was one of the first staff members join the new unit. She said she was looking for new challenges and being a part of setting up the RCC seemed like a great opportunity.

“Working here has allowed me to expand beyond my traditional role. I got to be involved in the building of the unit, understanding the metrics of the unit and learning the administrative side of it.”

She says one of the biggest strengths of the RCC is the close-knit team  who work together to provide compassionate care for the patients in their unit. For Rosanna, that means going above and beyond in her role.

“We have a patient here who spends most of the day in her room. She gets lonely and wants company. I’ll occasionally go in and do my work from a computer in her room to keep her company. This has meant a lot to her and her family.”

Rosanna said she’s always been a caring person and often reflects on the experience she had in health care with her own family and asks “What would I want for them?”

“I know it’s difficult for staff to spend extra time with all the patients. For me to spend 10 minutes to help our patients is the least I could do.”

Outside of the RCC, Rosanna likes to work on her photography. “It’s something I did in high school and always enjoyed. I love the art of it.”