May Gaskin

May Gaskin

May Gaskin

Forms analyst

“I’m naturally a curious person. I like that my job allows me the chance to figure out how different parts of the hospital operate. In order to understand how I can best create a form for a department, I have to understand where it goes in the workflow and who’s going to touch it and the problem it’s trying to solve.”

May Gaskin has been with Markham Stouffville Hospital since November 2013 when she switched over from the finance industry.

“I wanted to learn something new. But I had no background in medicine or healthcare. It was a huge learning curve when I started. Learning the terminology was a challenge.”

May was not always a forms analyst. In fact, her background is interior design. While it may not seem like there is any overlap, May certainly thinks there is.

“I’m designing forms with the end user in mind. The forms have to be laid out intuitively and be functional. I put myself in the position of the end user when working on a form trying to make sure everything on there is necessary and not confusing.”

In the time she’s worked here, May says one of the biggest things that stood out was SHINE go live day.

“It was really overwhelming. I’ve never been a part of such a big initiative. It was amazing to see the team work and dedication that went into that. I was proud to be part of it.”

More recently, May has been working as part the team developing the new patient portal.

In her personal time May enjoys baking. “I get a lot of satisfaction of creating something that someone else can enjoy. Also, baking plays to my detail oriented personality and the decorating allows me to be creative.”