Kristi Lipton

Kristi Lipton

Unit secretary

“I’m a self-proclaimed lifer. The people here are kind, friendly, fun and they work hard. I get to be around positive people and I don’t know why I’d leave that.”

Kristi Lipton has been a unit secretary in the childbirth centre since 2002. Despite living more than an hour away, Kristi says she fell in love with the hospital and the people here. 

“I’ve always felt so supported here. I’ve been given the power to do more and encouraged to make change and push for better. I’m given the resources to succeed and that means everything to me.”

Kristi isn’t only supported professionally; her colleagues have made a huge impact on her personally too. While pregnant with her twin boys, Kristi was in a vehicle accident. After being treated at another hospital, Kristi decided to ask the medical staff here for a second opinion. 

“Dr. Edith Linkenheil picked up on a major health problem with my twins on an ultrasound. She was waiting for me when I came into work and had already made arrangements to be admitted into a downtown hospital’s high risk program,” she recalled. “I’ve never driven downtown or taken a train there. I was so anxious about getting there along with the stress of knowing that there was a problem with my babies.”

Seeing how distressed she was, her manager at the time Cheryl Osborne arranged for a cab to take Kristi to the downtown hospital where she was admitted for a month. During that time her colleagues took the time to check in and visit her. 

“I’ve never felt so supported. I’ll never forget that and I’ll be forever grateful.”

Kristi was also the winner of the first ever Honoured to Care Award for trust.

“I thought that meant people trusted me to keep secrets or hold their confidence, but that’s not what this award represents. This award means people trust me to get done everything I need to get done. That makes me want to do more and work even harder.”

Kristi said the award made her feel like ‘a million bucks’ and her family and friends were so proud of her. 

When she’s not at the hospital, Kristi is spending time with her family and friends – preferably at the pool side or anywhere with sun and sand.