Jannine Bowen

jannine bowen

Jannine Bowen

Emergency nurse

“Working at a small site, your critical thinking and teamwork have to be first-rate. Our team of nurses, physicians, lab technicians, housekeepers, everyone works together. We know what our goal is.”

Jannine Bowen is an emergency department nurse at our Uxbridge site. She is drawn to working in smaller, intimate environments such as the ED in Uxbridge.

“I always knew I was going to be a nurse. There was always something in me that wanted to help other people,” she says.

For the past 10 years, Jannine has made regular trips to Nunavut, providing healthcare and education to some of Canada’s most remote populations. Her experiences there have taught her patience and gratitude.

“They don’t have access to the same resources we do. There’s no ORNGE helicopter to respond to emergencies, there’s a fixed wing airplane that might be able to get there. I’ve waited four days for a plane to get a patient. When I get back to Ontario, I realize just how lucky we truly are.”

When not providing nursing, Jannine can be found with her husband at an ice rink cheering on their son and his hockey team.