Eric Chen

Eric Chen

Eric Chen

Medical Laboratory Technologist

“The frontier of science happens in a lab. I find that really exciting.”

Eric Chen is a medical laboratory technologist working in the Pathology section of the lab at MSH. He has been with the hospital since 2015.

After spending time with his father in a lab during a take your kid to work day he was inspired to go into a profession that involved working in a lab. This experience led him to school for medical lab science. It was here that he decided he wanted to go into healthcare.

 “Part of my program involved a placement at a hospital. I found I really liked helping people by getting diseases diagnosed. I felt that healthcare was right for me.”

Eric helps MSH’s patients by preparing various samples for analysis and ultimately diagnosis by the pathologist. He says people don’t understand how technical the job is, but he loves it.

“Ensuring that a tissue sample is sent properly to lab is so important. And when we get it, we have to make sure everything is prepared correctly. It’s so important to get it right because so many different factors can change the result.”

One of the things Eric prides himself on is his ability to produce quick, accurate results.

“Patients don’t want to be kept waiting, so it’s important we do our jobs to the best of our ability.”

Eric has nothing but praise for his team in the lab. “We’re a really small team. At this point it’s more like a family. It means a lot to feel valued and the team is great.”

When Eric isn’t at the hospital, he can be found running somewhere in Markham. “I love running. I do it almost every day. When I go home I start running. It is peaceful for me.”