Carol Cameron


Carol Cameron

Executive Director, Alongside Midwifery Unit

“To me courage is doing what you know is the right thing to do and telling that self-doubt to shut up. Don’t be afraid when you’re doing the right thing.”

Carol Cameron is the winner of the inaugural Honoured to Care Award for Courage. She has been a midwife with Markham Stouffville Hospital since 1994. Carol delivered the first baby in Canada born to registered midwife.

Last year, she celebrated the opening of the Alongside Midwifery Unit (AMU), the first of its kind in Canada.

“I set up a program that is geared to success. I picked the best team of hospital midwives, invested in team dynamics and involved our clients in the design of the unit. I’m very focused on customer and staff satisfaction, but the success of the unit is a team effort.”

It was her drive to make the AMU a reality in the face of many obstacles that led her to be nominated for the award. 

“I’m humbled by it. There were so many amazing nominees and it’s special because I know I was peer nominated. It means a lot to me. But, for me, something that was just as great as winning was   that someone I nominated also won.”

Now that the AMU is open and running, Carol said she recently took some time to reflect and found she had to embrace her creative side. 

“I’ve taken up painting again and learned to knit. I also started horseback riding again. I am so excited to be back doing things I love.”

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