Ashley Gilliland

ashley gilliland

Ashley Gilliland

safety coordinator

Working in a hospital means staff need to be ready for anything. Ensuring that staff are able to respond appropriately to code alerts falls on the shoulders of Ashley Gilliland, safety coordinator in Occupational Health and Safety.

Ashley started at MSH 4.5 years ago. As a life-long resident of Markham, she’s had a long history with MSH as a student volunteer while she was in high school and university. Her skills and education led to a full-time position here.

“My favourite part of working here is that I’m challenged every day.”  says Ashley. “The people in my department make me feel that my job is very valued and I’m grateful for that.”

Outside of work, Ashley is an avid figure skater. She skated competitively when she was younger but now she does it for her own personal enjoyment.

“I spend most of the time figure skating up at the cottage when the lake is frozen over.”

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