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Patient Safety and Preparation

Patient Safety in Diagnostic, Cardio Respiratory and Electrodiagnostic Services

Patient safety and quality care is a top priority at Markham Stouffville Hospital and in diagnostic and cardio respiratory services. Advancements have been made in radiation and medicine dose safety to ensure that diagnostic imaging tests and procedures are using the minimal amount of ionizing radiation and medication necessary to obtain images and diagnosis.

The state-of-the-art equipment in the Markham Stouffville Hospital diagnostic, cardio respiratory and electrodiagnostic services department reduces radiation doses to minimize patient exposure to radiation. The amount of ionizing radiation used in most diagnostic imaging exams is very small and the benefits greatly outweigh the risks.

We also recommend that you keep track of diagnostic services you have had. You can do so with the My Medical Imaging History Handbook.

If you are travelling soon after you have had a nuclear medicine test, please let the technologist know as you may benefit from having a travelling letter on hand.

To learn more about radiation safety and dose reduction, please view our radiation safety brochure

View the detailed radiation safety brochure here.


Certain procedures may require specific preparation prior to your arrival at the hospital.  Preparation may include: fasting, avoiding caffeine products or reducing/stopping medication intake, such as inhalers or beta blockers.

Caffeine products include: coffee and  tea (decaffeinated and caffeinated), chocolate, cocoa, soda, pop and any medication or supplements that may have caffeine.

Please do not wear perfume for any tests or procedures as the hospital is a scent-free environment. Please also do not wear jewellery on the day of your test as you may have to remove it. Please keep cell phones turned off or on vibrate while visiting the hospital.  Please note that cell phone reception may be limited in some hospital areas. Wi-Fi is available for purchase if needed. To access this Wi-Fi, please connect to the MSH-Patient-and-Visitor-Wi-Fi.

For more information on visiting the hospital, please go to the Visiting the Hospital page.

Please click on the left side of this page on the test or procedure you are scheduled for to view specific preparation instructions.

Patient preparation for each test or procedure is also outlined in the Patient Preparation Instruction Sheet.