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Obstetrical Outpatient Services

Early Pregnancy Assessment

This is a clinic to support assessment of women under 20 weeks of pregnancy with threatened or real pregnancy loss.  This includes ectopic pregnancy, incomplete loss and early pregnancy assessment.

In the clinic you may see a Physician, Nurse and a Social Worker. As part of the team, a Social Worker can meet with you and your partner and assist in supporting your emotional recovery, psychosocial matters and community linking. The social workers you may see in the clinic are:

Wajeda Shaikh, MSW, RSW

Joey Crump, MSW, RSW

Breastfeeding Class

This clinic supports women who are breastfeeding up to six weeks post delivery.  Breastfeeding classes post delivery are led by a lactation consultant and are by appointment which can be made prior to discharge and by calling in at any time post delivery. Click here to learn more.

Postpartum Support

Postpartum appointments are available after you are discharged - your nurse will schedule an appointment for you before you leave the hospital

Learn more about our Obstetrical Clinic.(PDF)