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How Can You Help?

All contributions to the Uxbridge Cottage Hospital Foundation are used to fund equipment, capital expansion and/or special projects at the Uxbridge site as determined by Markham Stouffville Hospital and approved by the Board of Directors of UCH Foundation.

The Foundation is a separate entity from the Hospital with its own Board of Directors and operates independent of the Hospital. However, UCH Foundation is committed to supporting health care in Uxbridge and the financial needs of the Uxbridge Hospital.

There are several ways to support UCH Foundation.

Memorial Gifts are made in memory of a loved one or friend who has passed away.  The Foundation will notify the next of kin on your behalf and the amount of your donation is never disclosed.

Tribute Gifts are donations made in honour of a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or in appreciation of something someone has done for you.  The Foundation will notify the individual(s) of your kindness with a letter on your behalf.

Planned Gifts A large portion of UCH Foundation’s capital, under investment today, exists only because persons continue to leave bequests of a specified amount and all or part of the residue of their estate to the Uxbridge Hospital through UCH Foundation.  UCH Foundation gratefully accepts these gifts and appreciates those individuals who consider the Uxbridge Hospital when preparing their Will.

Restricted Gifts are contributions made for a specified piece or equipment or specific project.

General or Annual Gifts These are donations given to the Foundation to use as needed and ensure that the Foundation can continue to meet the Hospital’s ever-increasing needs annually.

Special Events Sponsoring or participating in any UCH Foundation or community event that supports the Uxbridge Hospital provides essential health care benefits to those using the Cottage Hospital.