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Mental Health

One in four people in our community will face some form of mental health issue in their life. Whether you have a mental illness or are at risk of mental illness, Markham Stouffville Hospital is committed to giving you the resources to cope with the stresses and conflicts you and your family are facing.

Applying the same standards of excellence you will find elsewhere in the Hospital, our Mental Health Programs provide a welcoming environment where open discussion is encouraged and we focus equally on prevention, education, coping and recovery.

Care We Provide

Inpatient care offers a number of services to patients from age 18 and over who have mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and psychotic disorders, and who are in psychiatric crisis. Our help includes psychiatric assessment and stabilization, supportive counselling, couple/family counselling and support, pharmacological therapies, health promotion education and a wide variety of group programs.Our patients are admitted by one of our staff Psychiatrists either through the Emergency Department or Outpatient Mental Health Clinic or the Psychiatrists office.  As a clinical team, we work in collaboration with our patients to develop care plans, based on individual needs and goals for stabilization, with the aim of a return to the community as soon as possible.

The Mental Health Services at Markham Stouffville Hospital also include: 

  • Adult Outpatient Services
  • ATLAS Program (Adolescent Treatment and Learning Alternative Service)
  • BRIDGE Day Treatment Program (Building, Restoring, Initiating, Developing, Growing and Empowering)
  • Child and Adolescent Family Services
  • Crisis Services 

Care Providers

Community Treatment Orders Coordinator
The role of the coordinator is to facilitate the treatment plan for patients in the community to provide clinical and administrative support for patients who may be placed on a community treatment order.  A community treatment order addresses the need of patients with persistent and severe mental illness in developing a treatment plan for a specified period.

The coordinator works with the psychiatrist or the doctor in putting into place the community treatment plan with  patient and family meetings, prescribed legal paperwork and community case management.  The coordinator at MSH provides this service to the whole of the Southern part of York Region.