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Baby Friendly Initiative

Markham Stouffville Hospital supports new families and their infant feeding decisions. Breastfeeding is recognized as the normal and unequalled method of feeding infants. The World Health Organization and Canadian Paediatric Society recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life with continued breastfeeding for up to two years and beyond. Markham Stouffville Hospital is working toward designation as a Baby Friendly ™ organization. This is an internationally recognized, evidence based standard with the aim of providing optimal support to babies and families. Please click here to learn more about the Baby Friendly Initiative.

For your support, Markham Stouffville Hospital offers an Antenatal Breastfeeding Class, available to expectant families. This class provides information on the basics of breastfeeding to help prepare you for the birth of your baby. For registration in this class, please visit the pre-registration desk on the fourth floor of Building B, in The Stollery Family Centre for Childbirth and Children.

While at the hospital for the birth of your baby, your Nurse or Midwife will provide education and support to begin and establish breastfeeding. You will be encouraged to cuddle baby skin to skin often and your baby will remain in mother’s room throughout your stay unless he or she is needing additional medical care.

Following your hospital stay, MSH offers breastfeeding support through an Outpatient Breastfeeding Class. This class is available to all mothers and babies who delivered at MSH, up to 6 weeks after discharge from hospital. Plan to attend within one to two days after discharge. You are welcome and encouraged to return each weekday, especially in the first week. Additional community services are available for ongoing breastfeeding support.

At MSH, approximately 92% of mothers indicate their intention to breastfeed. We understand, however, that you may have made the informed decision to formula feed your newborn. Markham Stouffville Hospital’s nurses, physicians and midwives will provide you with the support and guidance you need to safely feed your baby.

For additional information, please visit the following:

Durham Region Public Health 

Toronto Public Health 

York Region Public Health

Breastfeeding Matters: An Important Guide to Breastfeeding for Women and their Families. Available in English,  French, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (Simplified), Farsi, Gujarati, Hindi, Korean, Pujabi, Russian, Serbian, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Tagalog, Urdu and Vietnamese.

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