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Children's Health

We are committed to being a child-friendly centre. We have developed unique capabilities for welcoming and comforting young patients.


Care We Provide

Children are generally admitted to Markham Stouffville Hospital’s short-stay Paediatrics unit with medical or surgical problems through our Emergency Department or via a paediatrician’s office. Like all services in our Children’s Centre, our Paediatrics unit offers family-centered care for newborns, children and adolescents up to 18 years of age. If your child will require a hospital stay longer than 48 hours a transfer to a regional or tertiary children's centre may be required.

We provide children who stay in our Paediatrics unit with the opportunity to participate in our Child Life program, which includes a playroom, games, learning opportunities and other activities.We have a childlife specialist on staff to support your child.

We have a commitment to make Markham Stoufville Hospital a child-friendly place to visit. Coping kits, distraction techniques, and educational material for children and their parents are located throughout the hospital where children may visit to help us keep our promise.

Paediatric Ambulatory Clinic (PAC)
The PAC is a referral based clinic for paediatric consultation clinic for patients aged newborn up to their 18th birthday.  Click here for more information.
Paediatric Endocrine Clinic
The staff at our Paediatric Endocrine Clinic provides treatment for children with growth problems, thyroid and adrenal disorders, hypoglycemia and abnormalities in genital or pubertal development. Contact us at 905-472-7534.
School Tours
Each Thursday morning of the school year, grade one children from the local community come with their class to visit the hospital. Designed to introduce young children to the hospital environment in an enjoyable and non-threatening way, the students are divided into small tour groups so they can be comfortable asking questions and expressing their feelings about the hospital. Grade one teachers are welcome to call in June to book a tour for the next school year. We regret that for the privacy of our patients pictures can not be taken while on the tour.

Location and Contact Information

Turn left at the big stairs on the main level and follow the signs to the Childbirth and Children's Centre. 

Frequently Asked Questions

May I stay with my child at the hospital?
One parent is welcome to stay, and in fact we encourage a parent to stay 24 hours a day to support and comfort their child. One adult delegate may spend the night with the child. Other visitors are welcome during normal Childbirth and Children's Centre visiting hours, which is 11am to 8pm.

How can I help?
Contact our Child Life Department at 905-472-7373 Ext. 6408 or visit the Wish List for Children for information on how you can help.