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Energy Performance

Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH)  believes caring for the community goes beyond patient care. It means leaving a positive mark on the surrounding community and doing its part to be good green citizens.

MSH is committed to environmental stewardship and continually looks for opportunities to make our organization more environmentally friendly.

Our commitments to the environment can be seen through the hospital and in a number of key departments including facilities, environmental services, procurement, waste management and sustainable energy.

Our partnership with Markham District Energy is a great example of working with leaders in the industry to use energy more efficiently. Other green initiatives include our LED lighting project complete with scheduled timers, a new reverse osmosis system and state of the art building automation system, all which promote energy savings and has a positive effect on our environment.

These initiatives combined with a high level of staff engagement in being a green organization have our hospital well positioned to continue being an environmental leader in our community.

MSH will continue to advance and refine its Greening processes as doing so is aligned with its mission to provide high-quality care in a manner that promotes environmental sustainability. By implementing programs and initiatives that are designed to decrease adverse environmental impact, using energy more efficiently, reducing resource consumption, and increasing recycling, MSH is doing its part to ensure a more sustainable future. MSH is determined to reduce its environmental footprint even further as it continues to grow.

Utility Consumption Reports

In compliance with Regulation 397/11 made under the Green Energy Act, 2009 Markham Stouffville Hospital is required to post our utility consumption. The first year of reporting is 2011. This information is included in the following documents: