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Directory of Records



Types of Records


Administration & Governance
(Records related to the overall operation and management of the hospital.)

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

These records relate to hospital and departmental policies, procedures and guidelines.

Planning and Organization

These records relate to administrative planning and organizing activities.

Committees, Workgroups & Teams

These records relate to hospital meeting minutes and agendas for organizational committees.

Capital Projects

These records relate to the planning, construction and commissioning of new and renovated hospital facilities.


These records relate to the board of directors of the hospital, e.g. board meeting, agendas and minutes.

Public Relations & Communications (Records related to the community and other stakeholders.)

Public Affairs

These records relate to organizational communications, initiatives, or services, e.g. newsletters, media notices, CEO reports, etc.

Facilities & Property (Records related to the operational management and protection of the organization.)

Equipment & Supplies

These records relate to the hospital's inventory and management of property and supplies.


These records relate to the management of the hospital facilities and property.


These records relate to the operation and security throughout the organization.

Information Technology and Information Management (Records related to the operation of information technology and information management.)

System Installation & Maintenance

These records relate to the installation and maintenance of the computerized system and applications.

Software Development Records

These records relate to the all aspects of project management, e.g. Gantt charts, memos, correspondences, etc.

Statistical Reports

These records relate to reports generated for performance management and other statistical reporting.

(Records related to the financial management of the hospital.)

Financial Records

These records relate to financial management functions and accompanying documentation, e.g. budgeting, accounting transactions, accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliations, financial reports, etc.

Procurement of Products & Services

These records relate to the hospital's procurement processes, e.g. Request for Proposals (RFP), Request for Quote (RFQ),Contract Management, etc.

Human Resources (Records related to the organizations human resources.)

Personnel Files

These records relate to the hospital staff, volunteers, students, and medical staff, e.g. employment contracts, benefits, performance evaluations, etc.

Occupational Health & Safety Files

These records relate to promoting workplace health and wellness and complying with industry standards, guidelines and regulations, e.g. staff immunizations, incident reporting, mask fit testing, WHMIS compliance, etc.

Quality Assurance, Risk Management, & Patient Relations (Records related to the quality assurance, risk management and patient relations within the organization.)

Patient and Family Complaints/Compliments

These records relate to suggestions for improvement and complimentary feedback.

Quality Assurance

These records relate to the assessment, evaluation and improvements to the quality of health care and other services provided by the hospital.

Emergency Planning

These records relate to emergency planning such as pandemic plans, fire plans, emergency codes policies and procedures, etc.

Research, Teaching and Learning (Records related to the personal and professional growth and development of the organizations human resources)


These records relate to materials developed to teach and educate volunteers, staff, physicians and the public , e.g. presentations, pamphlets, etc.